Dogecoin: Wow. Such Good Coin. Many Wants.

DogecoinIf the rapidly expanding market of crypto was starting to bore you.. If the latest rash of media coverage that Bitcoin has received did nothing for you but induce many yawns.. no worries..

Dogecoin has you covered.

Or perhaps you thought that Bitcoin and Litecoin were simply taking themselves just a tad too seriously?

Again.. Dogecoin is there to save the day.

Dogecoin is love. Dogecoin is life.

 From Meme To Currency?

If you’re not familiar with the Doge dog, the hugely popular internet meme.. Catch up real quick.  Pretty funny, right? Okay, maybe not so much depending on which generation you’re from.

One of the many interesting things about this particular meme is that it basically comes with it’s own lingo, which is being marketed (peer-2-peer marketing, interestingly enough) into the culture of this coin, and it creates a very fun, unintimidating, satirical atmosphere. Said lingo is demonstrated in the headline of this article.

Dogecoin, like a recent DigitalTrends article so perfectly worded, is absolutely the most internet thing to happen, ever.  And that’s where this “joke” of a coin may actually have the chance to differentiate itself from the rest of the exponentially growing digital coin market.

Regardless of your perspective, or what you think about Dogecoin, I bet it’s safe to say that you didn’t see this coming. Satoshi himself couldn’t have predicted this, but I bet he’s watching with a grin.

That said, in retrospect, it seemed pretty much inevitable that this would happen. With all of the gimmicky coins popping up over the last few months, it was only a matter of time before a meme made it into the crypto-coins world.

After all, this is supposed to be “internet cash” right? It seems only fitting that an all star internet meme graces the face of the currency, rather than morally questionable presidents. If it’s between Dogecoin and Obamacoin, I propose that history is playing out just as it should.

Birth of a Bubble?

We can’t help but think that this could catch on in a big way, ending in one seriously spectacular crash. Not that there’s anything wrong with crashes, Bitcoin has certainly seen it’s share and it’s still going stronger than ever. But really?.. Could Dogecoins end up being the pennies of the internet? The copper of cyberspace? With the number of coins being at one hundred billion, it’s logistically possible.

And that’s really the question here, as it seems pretty likely that Dogecoin will enjoy some short term success. It’s easy to dismiss this as a short lived fad, but if enough money finds it’s way into Dogecoin.. it may end up sticking around much longer than one might assume.

Currency isn’t like an internet meme.. It isn’t going to disappear quite as easily. Then again, who knows.. maybe it’ll disappear faster than it’s meme counter part. It’s difficult to make predictions in these early stages of the digital coin markets.

Keep in mind, that history is rife with examples of people using seemingly illogical instruments for money. In other words: So while we wouldn’t bet the farm on Dogecoin, we wouldn’t count it out either. Anything could happen.

Is This Real Life?

As much fun as this all is, we can’t help but be reminded of another popular internet meme: David after dentist. Are we really going to trade in Dogecoins? That remains to be seen, of course, but one thing’s for sure: Things are certainly getting interesting.

We’re of the opinion that, this coin is going to surprise a lot of people with just how much momentum and traction it gains. Never underestimate the internet’s appetite for satirical humor or cute pets.

To end in the light-hearted spirit of the Doge, we’ll leave you with a few visuals created by the community from the Dogecoin subreddit, a great place to learn more, if you’re interested.












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If you’re clueless about how to go about getting a Dogecoin wallet.. an easy, temporary solution would be to sign up for (currently the only exchange that trades Dogecoin) and use their online wallet until you set up a better solution.. There’s also a new (as in went live yesterday, so keep that in mind) online doge wallet with a very simple user interface and great design at

So Christmas. Much Merry!



Wow Shibes. Wow. 

Such Comments.

So community. 

Many Laugh. 

Such Merry Christmas spreading Doge love. 

Keep Patience.

Much Doge love coming!


  1. Eric says

    I think the light-hearted/comedic aspect of the coin will pool in a much more dedicated fanbase. Within a few days of it taking over the interwebs, it has already created a market trading videos games, and business’ are already excited to start accepting them. I missed out a lot with selling Bitcoins too early, so hopefully the doge coin will only go up from here! Wow, much invest.

    Plz help:


  2. Dylan Brown says

    Many invest. Great plan. Everyone hop on the hype train, Dogecoin is skyrocketing fast.


  3. Rory says

    Such article
    Shibe so good

    Really though, great work! Keep spreading the word and good to see the /r/dogecoin love!


  4. Edgar says


    I just found about dogecoin yesterday and I wish I could do mining, but my computer is definitely not equipped to do so. I’m really interested to see what will happen, especially with how fast it’s developing.

  5. Pavel says

    Dogecoin is showing power of various internet communities. Hope it will end up well :)

    you such generous :)


  6. Ryan says

    I have had a lot of fun figuring out how to get mining working with dogecoin. It is still easy enough that you can do CPU mining, although that will no doubt change quickly. I have also discovered fountains, where you give your wallet address and they send a random amount of dogecoin to you. Most only allow one entry every so often, like one a day or one an hour, but a fun little way to get started.

    Much fun. So wow.


  7. Philip says

    Bitcoin put the spotlight on cryptocurrencies and Dogecoin can gain the popularity to ride that same wave to success. Currently, it’s not too hard to mine for everyone and the community is very helpful and generous. Dogecoin is definitely something worth checking out and setting up a basic miner for at the very least!

  8. M says

    I use dogecoin because it is the cutest currency.
    None of my other currency is cute.
    I dream of a world where we all use much doge. very economy. wow.

    cute doges are so very appreciated, I will catch them all:

  9. Max says

    I think the big plus of dogecoin is that it is aimed at reddit and with the funny theme it just have to become famous.
    To the moon


  10. Master Doge says

    Due to the hype its got over the past couple of days it has the potential to go quite far… or most likely the fad will pass and i’ll be a poor shiba :( such sadness, many tears


  11. Phy says

    I have always been interested about bitcoin but never really enough to even read about it. With dogecoin I’ve taken a great interest!

  12. says


    Such currency Rich like snoopy leon

    Many monaes

    In all seriousness, while dogecoin was originally created as a joke by the developer, it’s value has skyrocketed by over 120% in the past few days (from say, being worth 1 dollar, to 12 dollars). It has a huge potential investment opportunity, and knowing how volatile the internet can be, might make a lot of money in the future.

    Please help I am a poor doge. I just want to buy the moon: DRtJqNDSgAQijZX6KKJ8F9xiJuEju8K6Vi

  13. viernas says

    doge go to the moon!
    woof woof
    shibe space colony
    much astrodoges
    woof woof
    pet doge doge is please



  14. Andri says


    One can’t help but think of the irony inherent in the fact that Doge was deemed worthy of having his own currency and not Grumpy Cat, given the preponderance of cat memes going around as compared to memes dedicated to dogs.

    Much Doge Plz:


    • Shane says

      I honestly would not be surprised to see multiple meme cryptos. Maybe grumpy cat will have his day to battle doge dog…

      Doge love sent!

      So Christmas. Much Merry.

  15. Bryan reynolds says

    Is real life? Or is just fantasy? Open your eyes Look up to the doge and see I’m just a poor doge, I need no bitcoins for me Because I’m easy come, easy go kh/s high, kh/s low, Anyway the others mine doesn’t really matter to me, to me.
    mama just mined a coin put my gpu at max load send me doge to see my chode mamaaaa dogecoin has just begun but now the difficulty has increased all the way
    mamaaa uuuuuh uuh uh didn’t mean to fry the card, if i don’t mine again this time tommorow, carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters
    too late, my shares are low overvolt my gpu dealing with an unstable cpu goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to go gotta leave you all behind and
    mama, ooh-ooh-ooooooohwoooo… i just want to mine, i sometimes wish I’d never bought ati at all…

    (Sharing this song from my original reddit post)

  16. Dixie Highway says

    well it’s possible to imagine that governments issue currency to carry out the business of the gov’t… that is raising armies, building out infrastructure, etc

    with cryptocurrencies, it is now possible for communities to issue currency, or actually to create it in this case. With dogecoin, it’s the lighter side of the internet community that can use the currency for good deeds, tips, buying a distant friend a cup of coffee or a beer…essentially carrying out the business of a collaborative community

    too the moon!

  17. master565 says

    Due to the fact that it is both a joke and a potential form of currency, I believe this coin actually has a chance of becoming somewhat valuable. Its also entering the market at the perfect time, because other cryptocurrencies have already proven that entering such a market can and has been done, so the way is paved for a currency with such a massive beginning. Much future, very probable


  18. fagshui says

    senpai tell me of much riches


    senapi notice us little shibes digging for dogecoins

    pls gibe i am beggin strips:


  19. Alpha says

    I still remember the meme and its a surprise to see The meme turns to currency.
    Well this is the first time I’m using a crypto currency and started with Dogecoin.

    Love to see skyrocketing just like the bitcoins.

    Its a long way to go for dogecoin and Looking forward to see how it goes :-)


    Thanks for the nice article too :-)

  20. dogedinner says

    mining doge current now. miss the bus will not. is it just me or does meme speak sound a lot like Yoda from start wars ?


  21. Cryptodge says

    My Dodge coin adress

    Can you send coins as a starter


    I am lookin to mine them . It is future Cryptocurrency

  22. Alex T says


    wow such thanks

    I think we might see a small spike as it gains a bit of popularity and catches on a bit, though I have a hard time believing that a currency based on a meme would ever become as used as bitcoins. I could be wrong though, maybe people will take this chance and embrace our new doge overlords.

  23. Rei Kawa says


    As ironic as it seems it looks like Dogecoin actually has the ability to be widely adopted for use as a currency, and to overtake Bitcoin. The thing is, Redditors are a huge community, most of them are somewhat more knowledgeable about CS than the average person and probably think cryptocurrencies are really neat. Dogecoin is already familiar and beloved because of its meme-status, and because it’s much much easier to mine (and its minimum discrete chunk is much smaller than Bitcoin) it also becomes easier for the casual user to obtain. You’re more likely to get a wallet and keep it around if it’s got a dozen Dogecoins sitting in it, even if they aren’t worth anything by today’s standards.

  24. BullDoger says

    Want dogecoin.
    Need Dogecoin.
    Love Dogecoin.

    Finally see-ing doge future.

    look good!


  25. mikedoge says

    I’m trying to explain to my cat about dogecoin. He is not understanding. He thinks I have a secret wish to abandon him and get doge. Help me prove to him the value of dogecoin? DQd6dErNP9yowsT8ZWxX6y8iLAPeieeUFe

  26. Edith says


    It’s ridiculous how much momentum this doge has picked up in the last week or so.

    • Shane says

      It’s too early to say, honestly.

      From the research I’ve done I will go on record and say that the guy who owns I believe to be honest and attempting to run a legit business/site. Really, it’d be dumb of him not too.. he’s got the perfect domain and was positioned and ready to launch a functioning beta within 3 weeks of dogecoin’s inception. I think he’s going to have a very profitable biz on his hands very shortly.

      That said, I don’t know him and you never know.. Also, the site/wallet IS still in beta and lacks very basic security measures. If you check his twitter account, you’ll see that he says those features are coming soon..

      Either way.. I’d recommend you didn’t keep too much Doge in that (or any) online wallet, especially so early in the game – when things are more vulnerable.

      I assume you know they have the dogecoin wallet generator, similar to Here it is:

      I use this in combination with keeping most of my doge wealth in the paper wallet, and only enough in to pay you poor shibes for such wow comments.

  27. Arman G says

    Its easy to mine in a pool, its fun and light-hearted and could be the best thing to use for internet based trades?! Anyway, sign me up on this train!

    Much thanks
    Donate wow! plz =)

  28. Abhishek Singh says

    I think dogecoins has potential to rise because bitcoin has become tooo expensive for common man and dogecoins is surely big idea like an open source concept !!!!

    access to all i think is the dogecoin motto

    please donate at


  29. Mikes says

    wow, such post, many links, very likes!

    I liked rape sloth before, but doge . . . doge is new rape sloth for me!

    such generosity, many coins? wow, very doge!

  30. John says

    I foresee a great and bright future for dogecoin
    Please I need Donate to the poor

    Thanks for your Generosity

  31. Thomas says

    I think people who have never used bitcoin will save a bundle by loosing their dogecoin wallet instead.


  32. Sandy says

    Such Potential
    Much fun
    Just started my wallet today! Very new at this .
    Many Doge

    Please Donate, Wow!


  33. says

    Doge life!

    Doge Coin is hilarious because it helps people understand that fiat currency is retarded. ForEx is a highly profitable but volatile way of making money but can create / pop bubbles. Doge Coin is a perfect storm in terms of modelling a bubble.


  34. Mark R says

    WOW !!!
    I’ve been to the moon
    No trees
    Have to come back to Earth – such unhappy
    Need to pee


  35. says

    I have been mining crypto for a lil while now. Im teaching myself how to mine, just getting started thinking about doing this coin! A donation to get me started will be appreciated :)

  36. Random Canadian says

    I’ve looked into other cryptocurrencies before, but Dogecoin is the first one I’ve actually tried. I would appreciate it if you threw some Doge my way. :)


  37. Ryan says


    If I told u there was internet back in 1950 would u believe me?

    What if you invested $150 for an ounce of gold in 2004.
    Its trading over 1k an ounce.

    So for the past months I have watched bitcoin (cryptocurrency) go from 1 coin valued at $150 to over $950.

    Someone bought a pizza for 10,000 bitcoin 2 years ago.

    Some will tell u the truth.
    There is NO intrinsic value.
    I say nay say!!!
    You are the intrinsic value.
    Because you are backing a digital currency. You give it value.
    Look at the american dollar.
    It’s an I.O.U
    What Gold??
    When did we audit the fed.


    BIG BANKS?!?!
    sorry your not included.

    I can buy and sell and get digital currency.

    Really?!?! Digital currency??
    You say!

    Yes. Because I want u to tell me how much physical cash u have on hand. Okay so u always pay with plastic.
    Okay what good is your plastic card? Intrinsic? Nope.
    Numbers on a screen? Its non existent.
    It could be eliminated and set to zero with a few clicks.

    Get it yet?

    Big banks fear no regulation on currency.
    Its DIPLOMAT immunity!
    Yeah baby.

  38. Ryan says


    to me, dogecoin is more than an internet meme. its something that the average joe with a sense of humor can invest in. something that is not going to go away. the real intrinsic value is the user. we determine what has value. do we not set prices for products? well this is the biggest paradigm shift of wealth. and the big banks can not touch it. THIS IS SO COOL!

  39. lordwindows7 says

    such nice!

    I’m new on business… need such help.. plz help ME
    many thanks..
    This is your DOGE address :


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