InCryptEx Promises To Be The Crypto-Exchange We’ve All Been Waiting For.

incryptexOne of the single biggest factors holding back cryptocurrency from truly hitting the mainstream are the shoddy exchanges.

From lag that will literally have you slamming your fist into your computer desk in frustration to the always “unexpected” exchange hack that results in the loss of millions in dollars..

It really is the wild west out there. Your stagecoach full of gold can be robbed at any point in your leisurely day.

Not that we’re complaining.. all this does is reaffirm to anyone reading this that you are indeed early to the party.

All of the these market kinks will be worked out eventually of course… and that’s where InCryptEx hopes to step onto the scene.

InCryptex also just happens to be an Earthcoin exchange

If the dev team behind Earthcoin can develop an EAC/BTC and EAC/USD exchange that improves upon all of the current crypto exchange weaknesses.. 2014 could indeed be a huge year for this young new altcoin.

Casual and “professional” traders alike would likely flock to a legit and proper exchange by the droves – Simply to avoid the pain associated with using the current lot of exchanges.

InCryptExGraphWhile it’s still far too early to even guess if it will live up to it’s promise of being an exchange that makes significant improvements over it’s competitors – If the images found on the website are indicative of what the visuals of InCryptEx may be like, then we’re already exciting.

Because clicking through to a new exchange, only to find what looks like a slightly modified free WordPress theme isn’t exactly confidence inspiring, to say the least.

An Earthcoin exchange is a big deal.

Even if Earthcoin put forth a shoddy modified WordPress theme exchange – The coin would still undoubtedly benefit!

There are currently but a handful of crypto-coins ¬†that have a dedicated exchange in place, and it’s seemed to be a driving force in their successes. Expect the same for Earthcoin if and when InCryptEx goes live.

Making it easier for all those eager young  Shibes, that have just recently bitten into the hook of crypto-currency, to get US dollars into Earthcoin is nothing but good news for those that either already hold a position in EAC or are considering one.

As always, we’ll keep you up to date on all of the latest developments that come along with InCryptEx and Earthcoin.

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