All About Earthcoin – The Latest Crypto To Hit The Market (And FREE Earthcoins!)

earthcoinIf you even remotely consider yourself a student of economics and marketing..

You’ll want to┬ákeep a close eye on Earthcoin, as it fleshes itself out in this already over crowded market crypto-coin market.

Earthcoin is the latest of many alt coins to be released in the past few months, and despite a somewhat rocky start, it’s starting to show it’s strength: good marketing. If Doge has taught us anything – it’s that innovation simply is not needed in order to launch a successful crypto-coin.

Thousands of new users are flooding into crypto as we speak.. in other words.. the window of opportunity is still wide open, and if Earthcoin continues to build momentum, it may just become a long-term contender.

These latest coins are launching into a more matured marketplace than many that have come before them, and that makes for another interesting and vital component of this story.. A more mature marketplace means more people willing to buy young, unproven coins based on previous events in the market, and future predictions of how it will all play out.

But does Earthcoin have what it takes to compete in this explosive alt coin market? [Read more...]