Could Peercoin and “Proof-of-Stake” Turn Bitcoin Into The Myspace of Cryptocurrency?

peercoinThe thought alone is blasphemy to some..

As crypto explodes and segregates into multiple camps – all touting the supposed superiority of their respective coins – Things are starting to feel very “tribal”, to say the least.

Discussion of Bitcoin alternatives usually ends up with emotional investment, getting in the way of logical progression.

As much as we support Bitcoin – as not only a high tech financial instrument, but also an ideology – it remains important, especially if there’s skin in the game – to keep the open minded approach that made Bitcoin possible in the first place.

And while it does seem likely that Bitcoin will retain it’s position of dominance in the digital currency realm for the foreseeable future..

Anything can happen, and it’s seems rather prudent at this stage of the game to maintain an unbiased, and open perspective – making sure to logically consider all developments and possibilities.

There is certainly a plethora of both.

One of the more promising of these is Peercoin, a hybrid proof of work / proof of stake coin that attempts to evolve the Bitcoin protocol and in doing so; solve many of the potential problems that could lay on the horizon for Bitcoin.

Below, we’ll attempt to layout the fundamentals of Peercoin, how it differs from Bitcoin, and do what any good crypto enthusiast does: speculate.  [Read more...]

New York Based Coinsetter Could Set New Standards For Crypto-Currency Exchanges.

CoinSetterIf you’ve waiting on the virtual sidelines, waiting for Bitcoin to become mainstream enough to warrant an exchange that provides some level of guarantee that your precious Bitcoins won’t just up and disappear in an unexpected “hack”..

Well, you may be in luck.

CoinSetter looks to be one of the first Bitcoin exchanges that’s built from the ground up with enterprise-level security features.. Something that’s been needed in this industry for some time now.

Crypto is but a wee lad, preparing to take it’s first major strides, and CoinSetter is positioning themselves to be instrumental in it’s growth and development. No doubt that doing so will propel them to be a seriously profitable company.. The first major crypto exchange that gets it “right” will attract new users in droves and become an absolute overnight success. [Read more...]

MetaLair – A Decentralized Exchange For Decentralized Currency?

MetaLairIf you’ve ever pondered the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general..

Then you’ve most likely considered the potential for government intervention.

Of course, familiarity with the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, will lead most to the conclusion that it would/will be pretty damn difficult for government policy makers to put a stranglehold and Bitcoin and friends.

Like the wasted efforts to curb peer to peer software and media exchange, any efforts to “kill” crypto will more than likely just result in the loss of millions of taxpayer dollars.. It seems the term “decentralized” simply isn’t in the political dictionary.

But that doesn’t mean that the big ole friendly gubment is completely helpless, IF they so choose to make an attempt to stifle the proliferation of digital currency… The exchanges are surely the weak point in this whole infrastructure that is being built up around us faster than we can keep track.. [Read more...]

InCryptEx Promises To Be The Crypto-Exchange We’ve All Been Waiting For.

incryptexOne of the single biggest factors holding back cryptocurrency from truly hitting the mainstream are the shoddy exchanges.

From lag that will literally have you slamming your fist into your computer desk in frustration to the always “unexpected” exchange hack that results in the loss of millions in dollars..

It really is the wild west out there. Your stagecoach full of gold can be robbed at any point in your leisurely day.

Not that we’re complaining.. all this does is reaffirm to anyone reading this that you are indeed early to the party.

All of the these market kinks will be worked out eventually of course… and that’s where InCryptEx hopes to step onto the scene. [Read more...]

All About Earthcoin – The Latest Crypto To Hit The Market (And FREE Earthcoins!)

earthcoinIf you even remotely consider yourself a student of economics and marketing..

You’ll want to keep a close eye on Earthcoin, as it fleshes itself out in this already over crowded market crypto-coin market.

Earthcoin is the latest of many alt coins to be released in the past few months, and despite a somewhat rocky start, it’s starting to show it’s strength: good marketing. If Doge has taught us anything – it’s that innovation simply is not needed in order to launch a successful crypto-coin.

Thousands of new users are flooding into crypto as we speak.. in other words.. the window of opportunity is still wide open, and if Earthcoin continues to build momentum, it may just become a long-term contender.

These latest coins are launching into a more matured marketplace than many that have come before them, and that makes for another interesting and vital component of this story.. A more mature marketplace means more people willing to buy young, unproven coins based on previous events in the market, and future predictions of how it will all play out.

But does Earthcoin have what it takes to compete in this explosive alt coin market? [Read more...]

Dogecoin: Wow. Such Good Coin. Many Wants.

DogecoinIf the rapidly expanding market of crypto was starting to bore you.. If the latest rash of media coverage that Bitcoin has received did nothing for you but induce many yawns.. no worries..

Dogecoin has you covered.

Or perhaps you thought that Bitcoin and Litecoin were simply taking themselves just a tad too seriously?

Again.. Dogecoin is there to save the day.

Dogecoin is love. Dogecoin is life. [Read more...]

How To Buy Bitcoins With Coinbase.

CoinbaseReviewFor many would be bitcoiners, that first step of converting cash into bitcoin is the most difficult.

Not necessarily because it’s a difficult process, because it’s not, but because it is a new process that hasn’t been refined quite to the level that most modern consumers are accustomed to.

This also means that there aren’t as many online tutorials and how-to’s as there are for just about anything else in the world.. This little “hurdle ” to bitcoin investment is shrinking more and more every day.

As clever entrepreneurs come up with increasingly better solutions, the barrier to entry will lower and thus more and more people will dip their toes in the bitcoin waters.

The good news is, has already lowered that barrier drastically for U.S. citizens.

In this article we’ll go over why Coinbase is your best option when trying to choose how to enter the rapidly changing world of digital currencies.

Connecting your bank account.


Using Coinbase as your online wallet.

Restrictions From China Spark Massive Bitcoin Crash.. What’s Next?



Damn.. That’s ugly.

As always.. It’s been a wild and interesting past few days for the burgeoning, young digital currency markets.. and of course, all eyes on Bitcoin.

Huge Crash.. Slight Recovery.

At the time of writing this, BTC has rebounded slightly up from that landslide of red you see above, and is hovering around the $750 range. This after losing around 50% percent of it’s value in just a few short days, dropping to as low as the upper $5xx range.

As Bitcoin presently remains mostly an instrument of speculation, it’s no surprise that such fluctuations in the market have become almost commonplace. The speculation is, of course, that Bitcoin and possible other cryptocurrencies, are going to become an increasingly disruptive force in the years to come. [Read more...]

CryptoBoss Review: Is The Original Digital Currency and Bitcoin Trading Software The Best Option?

CryptobossreviewCryptoBoss is the first digital coin and currency trading software platform to make it onto the seriously volatile Bitcoin scene, and at this time it remains completely FREE!

If you’ve been in the Bitcoin and digital currency trading game for a while, you know that trading tools and software like this have been sorely needed for some time now.

No surprise there – These are very young markets and people are only now starting to see the value in not only buying and holding, but also trading digital currencies such as BitcoinLitecoinPeercoin, or any of the other thirty or so Alt Coins - So the demand, as strong as it is, is entirely new.

As Bitcoin climbs the charts at incredible rates, and all of the other alt currencies grabbed it by it’s coat tail, the need for a full-fledged Bitcoin trading software rose right along with it.

In this review we’ll tell you all you need to know about this exciting new software that can help you take advantage of these emerging new digital markets.