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CoinTrader.org is your all-in-one crytpocurrency dashboard.

We bring you the latest crypto-coin news, and offer in-depth analysis on everything from the latest obscure alt coin launch, to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin.

We aim to help you learn the ins and outs of this explosive new market of cryptocurrency, while it’s young and opportunity still abounds. But of course, right along with the potential opportunity, comes serious risk, and in order to keep yourself in the green – there’s a lot of information to analyze and take in! That’s where CoinTrader steps in.

We keep in you in the crypto-currency loop so you can stay in the green.

CoinTrader is an independent publication with a fastly growing readership and is open to working with any freelance writers, or even “competing” websites, that wish to contribute to the site in some fashion. Be sure to hit us up on Twitter, Google+, or our contact page.

The next few years are looking to be a wild ride, to say the least!

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