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New York Based Coinsetter Could Set New Standards For Crypto-Currency Exchanges.

If you’ve waiting on the virtual sidelines, waiting for Bitcoin to become mainstream enough to warrant an exchange that provides some level of guarantee that your precious Bitcoins won’t just up and disappear in an unexpected “hack”.. Well, you may be in luck. CoinSetter looks to be one of the first Bitcoin exchanges that’s built from […]

MetaLair – A Decentralized Exchange For Decentralized Currency?

If you’ve ever pondered the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general.. Then you’ve most likely considered the potential for government intervention. Of course, familiarity with the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, will lead most to the conclusion that it would/will be pretty damn difficult for government policy makers to put a stranglehold and Bitcoin and […]

InCryptEx Promises To Be The Crypto-Exchange We’ve All Been Waiting For.

One of the single biggest factors holding back cryptocurrency from truly hitting the mainstream are the shoddy exchanges. From lag that will literally have you slamming your fist into your computer desk in frustration to the always “unexpected” exchange hack that results in the loss of millions in dollars.. It really is the wild west […]

All About Earthcoin – The Latest Crypto To Hit The Market (And FREE Earthcoins!)

If you even remotely consider yourself a student of economics and marketing.. You’ll want to keep a close eye on Earthcoin, as it fleshes itself out in this already over crowded market crypto-coin market. Earthcoin is the latest of many alt coins to be released in the past few months, and despite a somewhat rocky start, […]